The Emblem of Venetia / Le Poison -Again-

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English Title: The Emblem of Venetia / Le Poison Aphrodisiac of Love -Again-
Japanese Title: ヴェネチアの紋章 / ル・ポァゾン 愛の媚薬 -Again-
Romanized Title: Venechia no Monshou / Ru Poazon Ai no Biyaku-Again-

Troupe: Snow
Year: 2021
Performances: National Tour, 6/2 - 6/15

The Emblem of Venetia:

Based On: The novel The Murder of Saint Marco by Shiono Nanami.
Author: Shibata Yukihiro
Director: Sha Tamae
Composer: Terada Takio, Yoshida Yuuko

Le Poison -Again-:

Author/Director: Okada Keiji

Available on DVD: TBA
Available on Blu-Ray: TBA
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: TBA


Alvise Gritti Ayakaze Sakina
Livia (Madame Priuli) Asazuki Kiwa
Marco Dandolo, Alvise's old playmate
Priuli, Livia's husband
Mellina, Alvise's mother
Andrea Gritti, the monarch of Venetia; Alvise's father
Pietro Zen, an ambassador of Venetia
Vittorio, Alvise's subordinate
Ibrahim, the Chief Minister of the Turkish Empire
Giovanni, Vittorio's companion
Laudomia, Alvise's niece
Sebastiano Contarini
Olympia, Marco's mistress
Orfan, Turkish Captain
Danieli, Turkish Captain
Enrico, Turkish Captain
Sultan Süleyman

Other Cast: Souno Haruto, Satsuki Aina, Mana Haruto, Anno Konomi, Shiramine Yuri, Tachibana Kou, Himehana Yukino, Karen Emiri, Sara Anna, Kanou Yuuri, Aya Ouka, Seina Nozomi, Suwa Saki, Kirara Umi, Manomiya Rui, Shiose Kazami, Kotohane Riri, Mochizuki Atsuno, Arisu Himeka, Ayami Sera, Ichika Ao, Kohaku Reira, Mareha Rinto, Yumeshiro Aya, Seimi Yuu, Rina Kurumi, Manaha Ayane, Amasaki Rea, Chihaya Mao, Ayato Shion, Neiro Yui, Kishiro Yuriya, Misaki Kei



The Emblem of Venetia

At the beginning of the sixteenth century the Republic of Venetia was the most prosperous country in Europe. The two great powers of the day, the Turkish Empire and the Holy Roman Empire, were putting pressure on Venetia. Carolus V, the King of Spain and the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, had Rome and the whole of the Italian peninsula under his control except for the Republics of Venetia and Florence. Mohammed II, the Sultan of the Turkish Empire, had conquered the Byzantine Empire and occupied Constantinople.

Constantinople was the center of the flourishing trade between Western Europe and the Orient. Mohammed's grandson, Sultan Suliemann, ruled the greatest territory in the Mediterranean world. The Republic of Venetia depended on trade with the Turkish Empire.

In 1527, Alvise Gritti, a thirty year-old of great wealth returned to his homeland Venetia from Constantinople. He was the youngest illegitimate child of Andrea Gritti, the monarch of Venetia. His mother, Mellina, was a Grecian woman who lived in Constantinople. From the age of eight he was educated in Venetia for twelve years. He then returned to Constantinople after college. His great personal resources, his courage and his good looks made the tall young man in a few short years the idol of the ladies of the Empire, the trusted advisor to the Sultan and his Chief Minister, Ibrahim, and a most successful businessman. Alvise had everything in the world he desired except for a noble rank. His illegitimate birth put a title out of his reach.

Alvise was a proud man like his father and he could not bear to be excluded from the highest ranks of society. Alvise's birth make it impossible for him to marry the aristocratic lady he fell in love with. This was the motivation for him to seek his fortune outside of Venetia and to drive himself to amass such enormous wealth. His dream was nothing less than someday ruling Venetia.

When Alvise returned to Venetia he met Marco Dandolo, an old childhood playmate. Marco, now a Senator, was very happy to meet Alvise after a ten year separation. Marco believed Alvise's only reason to return to Venetia was to attend the wedding of his niece, Laudomia. Olympia, Marco's mistress, told Marco that she was certain Alvise had other more important reasons for coming back to Venetia.

Landomia's wedding was a splendid celebration held in the royal palace. All the guests were surprised to see the usually subdued and rather cool Madame Priuli dance the Morreca with Alvise. The couple danced passionately and saw nothing but each other.

Not long before Alvise's scheduled departure Marco saw Madame Priuli leaving as he arrived to visit his old friend. Alvise confessed to Marco that Madame Priuli was Livia, his former sweetheart. After Alvise had left for Constantinople she had become the second wife of Priuli but their love never died and Alvise and Livia were still deeply in love with each other.

Alvise returned to Constantinople. Soon after, Marco was ordered to serve as adjutant to Pietro Zen, the Venetian Ambassador to the Turkish court. The Venetian Monarch, Gritti, told Marco that his son had long been a Venetian secret agent. He asked Marco to help Alvise.

King Ferdinand of Austria, the brother of Carolus V, invaded Hungary, a vassal state in the Turkish Empire. The Sultan of Turkey was forced to postpone his plans to push the invaders out because there was no General available to direct his army. Alvise volunteered to lead the attack.

The Venetian Ambassador, Zen, begged Alvise to wait until he could consult with the Monarch of Venetia. The Ambassador believed that it was politically unwise for the son of the Monarch of Venetia to lead the Sultan's army against Austria over yet another country, Hungary. However Alvise did not wait. He led the Sultan's army to victory and Alvise was appointed Governor-General of Hungary. Alvise had even higher ambitions. He wanted the Hungarian throne.

Marco reported Alvise's actions and ambitions to the national assembly in Venetia. The Monarch and the government feared that Alvise would cause the relationships between Venetia and Carolus V to break down. They fiercely opposed Alvise.

Marco secretly met Livia and gave her a ring from Alvise. The ring was a signal from Alvise that the time was right for Livia to leave her husband. Alvise had become politically powerful as well as wealthy. His plan was first for Livia to join him in Constantinople where they could live together. Then after he became King of Hungary they would marry. It seemed to be no more than a matter of time. Just then riots broke out in Hungary and as Governor-General it was Alvise's duty to put them down...

Le Poison -Again-

A mysterious and beautiful world where the members of Snow Troupe (centered on the new top duo Ayakaze Sakina and Asazuki Kiwa) are performing a masterpiece revue show with an adult fragrance composed of anecdotes of love from ancient times from east to west.

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