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English Title: Pierre the Mercenary / The Star Dust Party
Japanese Title: 傭兵ピエール / 満天星大夜總会 -THE STAR DUST PARTY-
Romanized Title: Youhei Pieeru / Mantenboshi Taiya Soukai -THE STAR DUST PARTY-

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2003
Performances: Grand Theater, 2/21 - 3/31; Tokyo Theater, 5/9 - 6/22
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Grand Theater, 3/11; Tokyo Theater, 5/20

Pierre the Mercenary:

Based On: "Adapted from Ken-ichi Sato's novel of the same title (Shueisha's edition)"
Author/Director: Ishida Masaya
Composer: Nishimura Kouji, Kuratomi Shinichi
Choreographer: Ai Erina, Irie Toshiaki
Shinjin Kouen Director: Inaba Daichi

The Star Dust Party:

Author/Director: Saitou Yoshimasa
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Yoshida Yuuko, Kuratomi Shinichi
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi, Koido Shuutaku, Miori Yumino, Wakao Risa, KAZUMI-BOY

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 3/20/06); Shinjin Kouen: VHS only
DVD Scene/Music Cut: No


RoleCastShinjin Kouen Cast
Pierre (Armand de la Foulte's illegitimate son, Captain of the Unicorn of Anjou, a band of mercenaries)Wao Youka Yuumi Hiro
Joan of Arc (The Maid of Orleans, the savior of France)Hanafusa Mari Ayano Kanami
Thomas (Adjutant of the Unicorn of Anjou, in charge of accounting)Iori Naoka Nanaho Hikaru
Robert (Executive officer of the Unicorn of Anjou, an ex-monk)Mizu Natsuki Toki Irisu
Yolande (Queen of Sicily, Duchess of Anjou)Kuni Natsuki Mebae Haruka
Bishop Cauchon (Grand Inquisitor who passes judgement on Joan)Ebira Kaoru Amou Tamaki
Yvonne (Joan's caretaker)Izumo Aya Tsukishiro Misaki
La Hire (Illustrious general of the French army)Tsubaki Hiroka Kazu Ryouka
Charles VII (New King of France)Hatsune Mayo Seino Kaju
Agnes (Charles VII's mistress)Takayagi Midori Miwa Asahi
Catherine (Bishop Cauchon's mistress)Hanamiya Airi Otono Izumi
Louise (Prostitute, Pierre's childhood friend from the same province)Ayano Kanami Sakihana An
Madame Bolain (Madame of the brothel)Suzuna Saya Shirakawa Ruri
Ghost Knight (Sent to rescue Joan)Kotobuki Tsukasa Tatsumi Kiwa
Mark (Oldest member of the mercenaries)Misato Maya Natsu Hiromi
Gaston (Mercenary)Ryouga Haruhi Maki Kaoru
Nico (Mercenary)Yuumi Hiro Tenga Yuuto
Guillaume (Mercenary)Nanaho Hikaru Sagiri Seina
Pelain (Mercenary with a cross scar on his cheek)Kazaki Maya Suzu Haruki
Pauton (Mercenary with a bad leg)Hayami Riki Yakumo Mika
Gigi (Female member of the mercenaries)Ayazono Yuki Orika Narumi
Marguerite (Female member of the mercenaries)Mariho Erina Takamiya Rina
Sylvie (Female member of the mercenaries)Mebae Haruka Mineka Hisari
Anna (Gaston's lover)Mikaze Maira Oomi Ako
Sophie (Nico's lover)Miwa Asahi Jun Aira
Natalie (Guillaume's lover)Otono Izumi Ayuse Mito
Vivette (Yearns for Pierre)Hanakage Arisu Kazune Miou
King's Official 1Tsukioka Nanao Tenshou Yuuri
King's Official 2Hosumi Sae
Joan's servantTakahane Ukyou
John (Joan's jailer)Amou Tamaki
Husband (Louise's husband)Yume Daiki

Other Cast: Kazari Jin, Ushio Waka, Ayahana Chika, Harumi Oora, Kusanagi Moe, Karin Moyuru, Tomoka Shuri, Mimaki Sakyou, Harukaze Misato, Hanatsuyu Sumika, Hamuro Chiari, Hasumi Yuuya, Maou Akito, Ayane Raira, Houshou Dai, Asane Satsuto



Pierre the Mercenary

In the fifteenth century, France is divided and the prestige of the French monarchy is gone because of the Hundred Years War. France is defending itself against an English invasion while suffering from the state of civil war. People are spending their days in fear and despair in a chaotic France filled with violence.

Pierre, Commander of a band of mercenaries representing itself as the Unicorn of Anjou, is originally a noble and the illegitimate son of Armand de la Foulte, an illustrious chevalier in the French kingdom. Pierre loses sight of his father when ten years old in the midst of a battle against English forces. He is saved by Hugues, then the captain of mercenaries, and brought up by his followers. Pierre, after having grown up, kills Hugues in an incident, and then becomes captain of the mercenaries. He is given the nickname Pierre the Chief-Killer and is trusted by all of them.

When there is no war, mercenaries have no income and people coldly look down on them taking them as rough fellows. In fact, they often become robbers. One day, on a snowfield in Lorraine, Pierre and his company fall on a party of travelers including a beautiful girl disguised as a young man. Pierre winces at the mysterious light emitting from the girl's innocent eyes. She tells him that she is a messenger of God wishing to save France and that France would suffer a crushing defeat if she were to be deflowered and killed. She promises that she will give him her maidenhood once Prince Charles is crowned at Reims and France is liberated. Pierre sets her and her company free in spite of himself. Pierre has no idea at this moment that she is none other than Joan of Arc, La Pucelle (the Maid) rumored all over France to be a girl sent by God.

Pierre remains surprised at his having easily set Joan and her company free after listening to her. Since then, she is ever present in his mind. Pierre's immediate followers such as Thomas and Robert are alarmed, for Pierre is somewhat strange in his behavior. They bring in a woman from a town and ask her to entertain him. Pierre realizes the cruelty of war seeing the thin and weak woman with frightened eyes, and remembers Joan's words that she should go to the front in order to save France. He gives the woman a ring and tells her to buy something to eat with the ring.

On the day of the inspection of troops in Orleans, Pierre and his followers meet with La Hire, a famous battalion commander. La Hire tells him that the savior of the French army will make a speech the next day. Pierre at last comes to know that the girl he met in Lorraine is Joan of Arc, the savior of the country. He invites her to the billet of the mercenaries. The mercenaries are all puzzled by the speech and behavior of Joan who is indeed pure and innocent in heart. Pierre sees in her, holiness as well as loneliness, and feels a pure and tender feeling growing inside him.

The day of the decisive battle against the English forces at the Fort of Saint Leu arrives. While Pierre and his company are making elaborate arrangements, Joan rides her white horse along with a troop of soldiers to the enemy. Pierre and his company hurriedly catch up with Joan in order to guard her. Her bravery raises the morale of all the soldiers, drives out the English forces and brings France victory.

Pierre nurses injured Joan with the utmost care. She asks him to cut her hair short in order to wipe out her growing inclination for Pierre. With a heavy heart, he cuts her hair with his dagger.

Joan is successful in crowning Charles VII in Reims. People sing the praises of Joan as a saint even louder. However, she cannot hear God anymore. Her mission is over. Pierre leaves for Alainville where he is appointed captain of the guards whilst he is still concerned about Joan.

The Star Dust Party

Act 1 : Open the Gate

An innocent young man shows up on the front bridge and sings his longing for big cities such as Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Innocent young man - Wao Youka

Act 2 : Soaring Like Singing While Dancing

Beautifully feathered peacocks dance sensually.

Peacock S - Hanafusa Mari

Act 3 : Soaring Like Singing While Dancing

A flashy cabaret appears with a stage inspiring the Forbidden City.

Dragon S - Wao Youka
Peacock S - Hanafusa Mari
Dragon A - Iori Naoka, Mizu Natsuki

Act 4 : Graceful Time in Space

Dragon S navigates through the gay and sensual night world of cabaret while singing and dancing with pandas.

Dragon S - Wao Youka

Act 5-6 : Screen Star in the Street

Hanachang is a young girl living by regularly pocket-picking in lively Kowloon, Hong Kong. There is a movie star she adores. One day, she attr Acts the attention of scouts.

Hanachang (pickpocket) - Hanafusa Mari
Movie Star - Tsubaki Hiroka

Act 7-9 : Sun Wukung the Monkey King

Sun Wukung wanders around and comes blundering into town.

Sun Wukung - Wao Youka

Act 10-15 : The Star Dust Party -Shanghai in 1920-

Min Min - Hanafusa Mari
Gangster S - Iori Naoka
Gangster A - Mizu Natsuki
Tin Tin - Wao Youka
Min Min - Hanafusa Mari
Bride A - Ayano Kanami
Bride B - Hatsune Mayo, Miwa Asahi

Act 16-17 : A Fairy Tale of Stars

A girl on a star is about to be caught by scorpions in a desert. A young man on the star hears her song crying for help. He moves toward her, and fights the scorpions to save her.

Young man on a star - Mizu Natsuki
Girl on a star - Ayano Kanami

Act 18-19 : A Tragic Love in a Foreign Country

Joe, a member of allied forces, returned home to a port town in China to see his former girlfriend.

Minstrel - Wao Youka
Joe - Iori Naoka
Jurei - Tsubaki Hiroka

Act 20 : A Legend of White Wing

A white-winged man S sings and dances in the bare hope of communicating. Then many white-winged persons fly down. Previous lovers change into White Wings S and dances as though he wants to fly into the sky.

White-Winged Man S - Wao Youka
White-Winged Woman S - Hanafusa Mari
White-Winged Man A - Iori Naoka, Mizu Natsuki

Act 21 A : Coquettish Schemes A

Three couples announce the beginning of the finale with a cheerful song.

Act 21 B : Coquettish Schemes B

A couple of stars dreamily sing in duet.

Venus (man) - Mizu Natsuki
Venus (woman) - Ayano Kanami

Act 22 : Coquettish Schemes C

A chorus line of dragons performs a powerful and spectacular dance.

Act 23 A : Coquettish Schemes D

Men in black swallow-tailed coat dance hardly.

Gentleman of Finale S - Wao Youka
Gentleman of Finale A - Iori Naoka

Act 23 B : Coquettish Schemes E

A couple of top stars dances in duet to parting songs.

Gentleman of Finale S - Wao Youka
Gentlewoman of Finale S - Hanafusa Mari
Singer of parting songs - Iori Naoka

Act 24 : Parade

A gorgeous parade of the revue rolls out.

King Red Dragon - Wao Youka
Princess Red Dragon - Hanafusa Mari
Red Dragon S - Iori Naoka

Other Information

Final performance for: Iori Naoka, Kazaki Maya, Tsubaki Hiroka and Hanamiya Airi.

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