Mayerling / Grand Elegance

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English Title: Mayerling / Grand Elegance
Japanese Title: うたかたの恋 / グラン・エレガンス
Romanized Title: Utakata no Koi / Guran Eregansu

Troupe: Snow
Year: 1983
Performances: Grand Theater, 5/13 - 6/21
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Grand Theater, 5/31 & 6/10


Based On: The tragic real-life love story of the Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary and Marie Vetsera.
Author / Director: Shibata Yukihiro
Music: Terada Takio, Takahashi Kuni
Choreography: Hayama Kiyomi, Sha Tamae
Conductor: Nomura Youji
Shinjin Kouen Director:

Grand Elegance

Author / Director: Okada Keiji
Music: Yoshizaki Kenji, Takahashi Kuni, Hashimoto Kazuaki
Choreography: Kita Hiroshi, Oka Masami, Tsukasa Konomi, Nakura Kayoko
Conductor: Hashimoto Kazuaki

Available on DVD: No


RoleCast Shinko Cast 1Shinko Cast 2
Rudolf (Crown Prince of Austria)Asami Rei Mori Keaki Nanao Tomo
Marie Vetsera (A baron's daughter)Haruka Kurara Kitahara Youko Kusabue Masako
Archduke Johann Salvador (Rudolf's cousin)Taira Michi Ichiro Maki Akitsu Yutaka
Baroness Vetsera (Marie's mother)Ruri Toyomi Kamishiro Shouko Maikaze Nami
Empress Elisabeth (Rudolf's mother)Mitaka Keiko Chigusa Mami Kamishiro Shouko
Roshek (Rudolf's servant)Koyanagi Hizuru Mafue Hibiki Misaki Kou
Jessica (Marie's wet nurse)Shirogane Akemi Midorinaka Youko Aina Mayuki
Duke Friedrich (Chief Cabinet Secretary)Shou Sumire Akitsu Yutaka Shou Sumire
Bratfisch (Rudolf's coachman)Kamijou Akira Fuzuki Rei Ami Jun
Szeps (Editorial writer for a Vienna newspaper)Masaki Keiko Nazuki Kanade Asuka Yuu
Prince Philipp Katsu Sachiyo Takashiro Maya Mitsuki Yuu (1979)
Countess Larisch (Rudolf's cousin)Akira Miyabi Saotome Sachi Aya Tatsumi
Count Hoyos (A close associate of Rudolf's)Chishiro Kei Natsuki Tomo Mafue Hibiki
Stephanie (Crown Princess)Hatobue Maki Kita Izumi Chigusa Mami
Archduke Ferdinand (Rudolf's cousin)Hokuto Hikaru Mitsuki Yuu (1979) Aki Hisato
Countess Zeveka (of Poland)Mano Yuria Chisa Mayuka Sayaka Machiko
Emperor Franz-Joseph (Rudolf's father)Ebira Kaoru Kodai Mizuki Kamo Senjou
Emile (Freidrich's subordinate)Nanao Tomo Hinatsu Mugi Natsuki Tomo
Morris Mori Keaki Aki Hisato Ichiro Maki
Millie Stübel (Jan's lover)Kitahara Youko Chisaki Aika Kita Izumi

Other Cast: Sara Kei, Kumi Mari, Yutaka Ayumu, Aoki Ryou, Ichihara Kei, Mikaze Riza, Orizuru Ran, Kachou Itsuki, Kotozuki Chiko, Asahina Hikaru, Ikenami Yukari, Tachihara Kae, Nozoe Sayuki, Mariya Tomoko, Matsumiya Fuyu, Oosato Mika, Daigo Yuki, Nangou Kie, Yuushio Manaka, Kazahaya Miho, Ai Yuriya, Sahara Miyuki, Kei Kazuka, Kazuki Maho, Mihama Juri, Chihiro Ai, Tendou Nagisa, Goshiki Arata, Chikoto Kurumi, Saiki Takumi



Austria, 1888. Crown Prince Rudolph is bored with the ostentatious royal life in the Austrian court. He is forced into a marriage contract with Stephanie, Princess of Belgium. The couple is incompatible and they live in unhappy discord. Grand Duke Jean Salvadore, Rudolph`s cousin, is in touch with the liberals of the realm and his lover, Milly, is a commoner. The Grand Dude has broken the shackles of convention and he enjoys a life of freedom much to his cousin`s envy.

During a performance of "Hamlet", Rudolph meets Maria Vetsera, the daughter of Baron Vetsera, the wealthiest man in Vienna. The Prince and Maria fall in love at first sight and continue meeting secret.

Duke Friedrich, the Minister of War, learns of the love affair. He plots to use the affair to his advantage and put his own nephew Ferdinand in Rudolph`s place as Crown Prince. The Duke reports to the Emperor that Rudolph is meeting liberals and that he is also having secret rendezvous with Maria.

When the Emperor learns that Rudolph has petitioned the Pope for a divorce from Princess Stephanie he flies into a rage and orders Rudolph and Maria to part.

Rudolph feels he must make a choice, the throne or Maria.

In January of 1889, Rudolph announces that he is going on a hunting trip. He departs for Mayerling with his beloved Maria.

Duke Friedrich discovers Rudolph`s plans. The Duke sends out a party who masquerade as revolutionaries so that Rudolph can be arrested as their leader.

Blissfully unaware of the tragedy about to unfold, Rudolph and Maria alone in the surroundings of peace ans beauty spend their last night together.

Grand Elegance

Scene 1. The Grand Opening
The curtain rises on a sparkling mirrored ball and glittering neon lights. In this bright setting of "Grand Elegance" graceful dancers bring the stage to life. The star of the show sings the theme song, "A Beautiful Melody for Beautiful People, Romantic Dreams for Charming People."
While the Rockettes dance, a man sings.

Singers: Asami Rei, Haruka Kurara
Opening Singers: Shou Sumire, Kamijou Akira, Taira Michi
Female Singers: Shirogane Akemi, Kusabue Masako
Man: Chishiro Kei

Scene 2: A History of Fashion
The scene is the Paris Exposition of 1900. New wardrobe styles are introduced to the world.
Dancing fashion models show the changes in fashion throughout history. Each fashion epoch is defined by a dominant color, black, beige, wine, red, and other hues.
A damsel dressed in deep green performs a fascinating dance with boys clad in military colors.
Finally modern youths dance to the music of modern pops.

Woman in black: Haruka Kurara
Woman in beige: Shou Sumire
Woman in wine red: Chishiro Kei
Damsel in dark green/Young boy: Asami Rei
Lieutenant: Taira Michi
Young girl: Hatobue Maki

Scene 3: Dance Fever
A male singer belts out a song, "Joy! What tun to dance to a jazz beat". He joins a group of dancers in a demonstration of love for the hard driving beat.

Jazz singer: Taira Michi

Scene 4: True Love
This is a common tale of the course of true love. A boy and girl hide their true feelings for each other and wuarrel whenever they meet. Happily as often is the case all ends well.

Boy: Asami Rei
Girl; Haruka Kurara
Narrator: Kamijou Akira

Scene 5. Illusions
A golden castle gleaming like crystal rises in the sky. Into this shimmering scene come long vanished couples and others to meet once again for a fleeting moment. They dance with joy until suddenly with a great roar the castle crumbles and vanishes like a mirage.

Singers: Shou Sumire, Taira Michi
Couple in Crimson: Asami Rei, Haruka Kurara
Singer; Kusabue Masako

Scene 6; Birth
A beautiful man appears in a white fog and sings of his joy and happiness simply to be alive in this world. He tells young birds to live bravely.

Singer of birth; Asami Rei
Birds; Taira Michi, Mori Keaki

Scene 7. The Grand Finale
The grand promenade.
The star of the show sings "One Night Only" while the rest of the cast sing and dance to the theme song.

Boyish girl: Haruka Kurara
Boys; Shou Sumire, Kamijou Akira, Masaki Keiko, Katsu Sachiyo
Graceful Singer; Asami Rei
Singer; Kusabue Masako

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