Islands of Fire / Carmen on the Caribbean

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English Title: Islands of Fire / Carmen on the Caribbean
Japanese Title: 火の島 / 灼熱のカリビア
Romanized Title: Hi no Shima / Shakunetsu no Karibia

Troupe: Snow
Year: 1962
Performances: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 3/3 - 3/29

Islands of Fire

Based On:
Author: Watanabe Takeo
Director:Watanabe Takeo
Composer: Sakai Kyou, Tsutsumi Gorou, Nakai Mitsuharu
Choreographer: Watanabe Takeo, Miyoshi Sakuko
Shinjin Kouen Director:

Carmen on the Caribbean

Based On: Carmen
Author: Utsumi Shigenori
Director:Utsumi Shigenori
Composer: Irie Kaoru, Kawasaki Ichirou, Nakamoto Kiyozumi, Terada Takio
Choreographer: Yasumoto Shinji, Watanabe Takeo,
Shinjin Kouen Director:

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RoleCastShinko Cast
Carmen Kamo Sakura Tachibana Kakuko
Jose Akashi Teruko Maho Shibuki
Caberillo Maho Shibuki
Micaela Kitahara Maki
Lopez Miyoshi Sakuko
Garsia Kamiyo Nishiki
Morale Ruri Toyomi
Canita Hinatsu Yuri
Nina Mitaka Keiko
Horome Chichibu Mihoko
Metis Misaki Arisa
Petit Ooji Michio
Masse Chinami Jun
Solo Singer Awaji MIchiko
Soothsayer Konohana Sakuya


Carmen on the Caribbean


Beautiful Carmen, with her insatiable Southern passion hidden beneath her brown hued skin, was working on a sugar cane plantation on an island near Cuba in the Caribbean Sea.

On day, she had a quarrel with a coworker, and was arrested by Jose, a supervisor. On her way to the local police station, she tried to allure Jose, who eventually was overcome by the temptation for her beauty and charms and consented to let her go free.

Jose had his fiancee, Micaela, in his native island of Cuba. Micaela was an innocent, tender hearted girl. She was so worried about Jose that she came all the way across the sea to see her sweetheart. Jose gave a casual look at her, and then he, taking Carmen along, vanished out of her sight. Micaela, of course was overwhelmed with sorrow, but was comforted by Lobez, director of the supervisor`s office and, of course, boss of Jose.

Carmen, on her part, found herself becoming really attached ot Jose, although at first, her tempting attitude toward Jose was only for the purpose of evading her arrest and making good her escape.

A detached room in the interior of a bar in Lima.

As Jose and Carmen, shut off from others`s eyes, were embracing each other, Lobez suddenly showed up.

But Lobez and Jose, and their colleagues while ostensibly working on the sugar cane plant, were actually comrades intriguing to bring about a revolution in Cuba.

Lobez tried to persuade Jose that this was no time to be infatuated with love. He also told Jose of the sorrows of Micaela. Jose, however, would not lend his ears to Lobez`s advice, insisting that he would be ready even to forsake his fiancee and fatherland in exchange for Carmen.

Leaving the admonition, "You`ll have to suffer forever on account of this," Lobez went away.

Soon, Jose and Carmen started on their new life in a seaside cottage. Jose had to find a new job to earn their living. But Lobez stood in his way and did all her could to frustrate Jose`s efforts. The result was that the young couple had to suffer from worsening poverty. At this crucial juncture, Garcia, Carmen`s old friend appeared.

Garcia whispered to Carmen. "If you bring me information about what Jose and his partners are planning, then I shall not oppose to proving Jose with a job."

Carmen was more than tired of poverty. She pressed Jose for disclosure of his intrigue. Thus she knew of the impending revolution, which she disclosed to Garcia. The information found its way to the secret police on the island and this at once was altered and Lobez and his plotting comrades found themselves in imminent danger.

Festa, the big festival of the island which comes once a year, when the islanders were allowed to freely enjoy themselves. Especially, the found unbound merriment in masquerading through the night. Jose, however, could not step out of his house, for he was aware that he was being ambushed by Lobez and his partners for having disclosed their secret. Carmen, however, beautifully adorned herself, and cold brushing aside all beseeches by Jose, sneaked out of their cottage.

Fireworks were busting high up in the sky and people were frenziedly singing and dancing. In the midst of this joyous turmoil, Carmen came across Caberillo, in whose arms she threw herself.

They were espied by Jose from under the foliage. When Carmen was left there alone, Jose showed up and entreated his lover not to leave him. Carmen:s heart, however, was now completely alienated from him. Knowing this Jose grew pale and knew that he was facing a catastrophe.

The sharp knife, held in Jose`s hand, was thrust deep into Carmen`s chest.

To the policemen who rushed to eh scene Jose shouted "I have stabbed the woman I loved most!".

Among the crowds that stood aghast around the scene of murder, Micaela was and she screamed at the back of the policemen escorting Jose away. "Pardon Jose! Return him to me!"

At that moment there was a pistol report, and Jose fell down. It was Lobez, who had sneaked into the crowds that shot him to death.

Thus, the fateful love of these two young lovers came to an end.

Islands of Fire

Titled "South Japan" in the program

The Takarazuka Dance Theater is collecting, editing and staging the series of "Japanese Folk Dances" comprising old folk songs and dances still being sung and performed in various parts of Japan.

This is collection 4, dealing with ancient songs and dances found int he southern part of Kyushu, particularly in Kagoshima Prefecture, the southernmost district of Kyushu. It contains a number of peculiarly characteristic local folk songs and dances, hereditarily handed down from ancient times, which were collected and aptly arranged by Watanabe Takeo, Takarazuka`s expert choreographer, and others, especially dispatched to Kagoshima for that purpose.

Situated on the southernmost tip of Kyushu, Kagoshima prefecture is known for Mt. Sakurajima, an active volcano which faces the city of Kagoshima, the capital of the prefecture across Kogshima Bay, which holds Satsuma and Osumi peninsula on its right and left.

Extending further southward from Kagoshima Bay, are Takushima, Tanegashima, Amami Oshima and innumerable other small islands facing Okinawa islands to the south.

Being located so remotely, Kagoshima Prefecture abounds in a number of unfamiliar fold songs and dances.

Solo Singer (Hoso-Odori); Kamo Sakura
Solo Singer (Bo-Odori); Akashi Teruko
Solo Singer (Ohara-bushi); Kamo Sakura
Student A; Akashi Teruko
Student B; Kamishima Youko
Student C; Satomi Chihiro
A`s mother; Ooji Michio
Solo Singer (Kusakiri-Bushi): Awaji Michiko
Solo Singer (Shunga Shunga): Hime Yumiko
Solo Singer (Cycad); Kamo Sakura
Solo Singer (Cloth weaving); Awaji Michiko
A couple of dancers (Harvest); Kamishima Youko, Mitaka Keiko
Solo Singer (Bull Fight); Akashi Teruko

Scene 1. The Island of Fire
Unfamiliar old folk songs and dances, collected from various localities in Kagoshima Prefecture are introduced. Shown first will be the Taiko Odori of the Dance of Drums, which is found in Kamiyamada, Izaku, and Ishuin districts.

This is followed by the Hoso-Odori or Dance of Smallpox, danced with the popular prayers that the plague be driven away, and the Bo-Odori, or Dance of the Pole, noted for its lively rhythm.

Lastly, the gay and sprightly Ohara-bushi and Han-ya Bushi dances are introduced.

Scene 2. Satsuma Ogojo (or Lasses)
A comic piece performed by three student`s of the defunct Seventh High School in Kagoshima city, and four Satsuma Ogojo, or maidens, who are traveling vendors of the famous Sakurajima radishes carried on their heads. One of the students is reminiscent of his native island, and sings the song of Okkanyo (or mother).

Scene 3. The Green Island (Tanegashima)
Memories of the student`s boyhood days. The beaches of Tanegashima. Children are gathered there to greet their mother expected to return on a canoe. The mother brings something nice to the children.

Scene 4. Kusakiri-Bushi (Grass)

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