General Information: Going to See a Show

Theater etiquette

Going to see a Takarazuka show is very nearly identical to going to see a professional theater performance just about anywhere else in the world. The "rules" are very basic.

  • Dress appropriately. As is common with other musical theaters, the dress code for Takarazuka is casual (jeans are okay), but try to dress a bit nicer than you otherwise would.

  • Be on time. The house will open approximately 30 minutes ahead of curtain. Chimes will play announcing the end of intermission, usually 30 minutes in length.

  • Be quiet. All cellphones and electronic devices should be off, and you should be as silent as possible during a performance. Use of recording devices is grounds for being ejected.

  • Sit back in your seat. If you lean forward you block the view of the people behind you, and it is entirely possible that theater staff will come and ask you not to lean forward.

  • Do not eat or drink during the performance.

  • Be polite. If you need to leave your seat, excuse yourself to the people around you. Try not to leave early or enter late unless absolutely necessary.

  • Have fun. Everyone is in the theater to enjoy themselves. Keep that in mind and you'll be fine.

(See General Information: Going to See a Show for more information.)

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