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    sowmyak Thu 19 of Jul, 2007 05:17 GMT-0000

    i was just wondering...are there digests for ayaki nao and mizu natsuki like they do for other beru bara productions? also, in the dvd the company released, who is andre and who is oscar?? thanx in advance!
    • KyaniteD Thu 19 of Jul, 2007 05:53 GMT-0000

      The release contains 2 discs.
      The TCA page says disc 1 has the complete performance (recorded on May 8, 2001) with Ayaki Nao as Oscar and Mizu Natsuki as Andre. The second disc (recorded on April 27, 2001) has a collection of all their scenes in reversed roles.
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        sowmyak Fri 20 of Jul, 2007 02:17 GMT-0000

        Ohh! ok! that's great then! thanx for ur help