Ocean's 11

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English Title: Ocean's 11
Japanese Title: オーシャンズ11
Romanized Title: Ooshanzu 11

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2019
Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 4/19 - 5/27; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 6/14 - 7/21
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 05/07; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 6/27

Based On: The 2001 film Ocean's 11
Author/Director: Koike Shuuichirou
Conductor (Takarazuka):
Conductor (Tokyo):

Available on DVD: TBA
Available on Blu-Ray: TBA
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: TBA


RoleCastShinko Cast
Danny Ocean (an expert con man out on parole) Makaze Suzuho Takato Chiaki
Tess Ocean (Danny's wife; rumored to be engaged to Benedict) Hoshikaze Madoka Yumeshiro Aya
Rusty Ryan (an old friend of Danny's; Paula's boyfriend) Serika Toa
Terry Benedict (the biggest hotel kingpin in Las Vegas, owner of 'Paradiso') Sakuragi Minato
Saul Bloom (a former con man) Kotobuki Tsukasa
Ann Woods (leader of the non-profit organization 'Ever Green') Mikaze Maira
Diana (the headlining star at the hotel 'Paradiso') Junya Chitose
Teresa (Ricardo's daughter; Paula's mother) Kanon Mai
Frank Catton (a dealer) Sumiki Sayato
Reuben Tishkoff (a former casino owner) Rinjou Kira
Ricardo (the owner of the club 'El Choclo') Matsukaze Akira
Harry Woods (leader of the non-profit organization 'Ever Green') Hoshibuki Ayato
Beth (Benedict's secretary) Aishiro Moa
Basher Tarr (a magician who was banished from his organization) Sorahane Riku
Taylor (the manager of the hotel 'Paradiso') Mitsuki Haruka
Charles (a real estate agent) Hoshizuki Rio
Harold (the show director at the hotel 'Paradiso') Haruse Ouki
Eddie (the show choreographer at the hotel 'Paradiso') Mirei Jun
Joe (a bartender at the club 'El Choclo') Nanao Maki
Linus Caldwell (a legendary thief; Bobby's son) Kazuki Sora
Ruby (a member of the 3 Jewels, a singing trio) Setohana Mari
Yen (a juggler) Akine Hikaru
Mike (an MC in Las Vegas) Rui Makise
Paula (a dancer at the club 'El Choclo'; Teresa's daughter) Haruha Rara
Livingston Dell (a hacker) Rukaze Hikaru
Bruiser (Benedict's bodyguard) Wakato Ritsu
Sapphire (a member of the 3 Jewels, a singing trio) Hanaki Maia
Bob (Benedict's bodyguard) Kihou Kanata
Virgil Malloy (an image manipulation expert; Turk's brother) Yuuki Shion
Emerald (a member of the 3 Jewels, a singing trio) Amairo Mineri
Turk Malloy (an image manipulation expert; Virgil's brother) Takato Chiaki
Dick (Benedict's bodyguard) Manase Mira

Other Cast: Ayase Akina, Sakurane Rei, Aisaki Maria, Risaki Shigure, Akina Rui, Hanabishi Rizu, Mizuka Ichi, Koharuno Sayo, Homare Seri, Kazaki Shun, Sumikaze Nagi, Amase Hatsuhi, Manami Hikaru, Haruka Kokoro, Konan Makoto, Yukino Kasari, Mizune Shiho, Koko Sakura, Ibuki Yuuha, Hanashiro Saaya, Setsuki Renya, Hanamiya Sara, Kokaze Haku, Haruno Sakura, Kazeiro Hyuuga, Oumi Runo, Yumekaze Sayaka, Kagayaki Yuu, Hiyuki Arisu, Kanna Himari, Aosaki Iori, Natsu Hayato, Ayahi Hana, Aria Kii, Anon Yuusei, Ruki Miusa, Asagi Hiiro, Mashiro Yuuki, Azusa Io, Arashino Shin, Fuuki Ruru, Mai Kokoro. Manairo Meari, Hiiro Fuuka



Danny Ocean, a master swindler, is serving time, but on this day he is approved to be released on parole. On the same day, his wife's lawyer pays him a visit, divorce papers in hand. His wife Tess has been selected to star in a show at a hotel to be built by the Las Vegas magnate Terry Benedict.

Danny is told that she feels it would be better to be separated from a man with a criminal history until she makes her debut. Worse for Danny, Tess is rumored to be Benedict's latest lover. Danny, who still loves Tess, has been enduring blow after blow, and so he concocts an ambitious scheme. After his release, he heads off to a certain destination, a town that will alter his destiny: Las Vegas.

Benedict, meanwhile, has been hiding his true self from Tess. He is rotten to the core, and he has taken control of Las Vegas through cruel and unjust means. Danny meets up with his old friend Rusty Ryan in a Las Vegas nightclub to reveal his plan with the idea of getting one over on Benedict. This involves blowing the safe at the Paradiso Hotel, which Benedict manages. The safe holds the proceeds of all of the casinos run by Benedict. In a single night, the amount can hit 150 million dollars. But the security will be a major problem, and so the cooperation of experts from a variety of fields will be essential. Danny and Rusty work quickly to bring together some of their old gang.

Reuben Tishkoff, who ran a casino that was ruined by Benedict; Frank Catton, a card dealer who was run out of Las Vegas after his grifting was exposed; Livingston Dell, an unrivaled hacker; brothers Virgil and Turk Malloy, who create virtual worlds by manipulating video images; the magician Basher Tarr; Yen the juggler; Saul Bloom, an ex-con artist of extraordinary talent. All these pros of the trade have been enticed by Danny's plan. There is also Linus Caldwell, who feels the heavy burden from the reputation of his father, a pickpocket of legendary proportions. Linus sets his mind on taking part in the plan with the aim of outdoing his father. And this is how this group of 11 people possessing such exceptional skills has come together.

So will Danny be able to outmaneuver Benedict, the ruler of Las Vegas who will stop at nothing to achieve his aims? Will Danny win back the heart of Tess, whom he still loves? This audacious challenge, the likes of which have never been seen before, "to rob the proceeds of Las Vegas' biggest hotel" will finally go into action.

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