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English Title: Hama-Chidori -The Love of a Plover- / Pop News -A Short Short Show-
Japanese Title: 浜千鳥 / ポップ・ニュース
Romanized Title: Hamachidori / Poppu Nyuusu

Troupe: Flower
Year: 1972
Performances: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 11/3 - 11/27
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 11/23


Based On:
Author/Director: Watanabe Takeo
Composer: Takahashi Ren, Tsutsumi Gorou
Choreographer: Watanabe Takeo, Takagi Shouji, Suzuki Takeshi, Mutsumi Chiga
Conductor: Ootani Yoshikazu

Pop News:

Based On:
Author/Director: Kamogawa Seisaku
Composer: Terada Takio, Nakai Mitsuharu, Irie Kaoru, Yoshizaki Kenji
Choreographer: Paddy Stone, Kita Hiroshi, Tsukasa Konomi
Conductor: Hashimoto Kazuaki

Available on DVD: No


RoleCastShinko Cast
TarouKou Nishiki Shiomi Rika
ChijuChikubu Sayuri Mai Koyuki
Denzaemon, local governorMizuho Youko Ichijou Hikaru
Old ManAwaji Michiko Fujisono Satomi
Makato, young manKaoru Kuniko Shinjou Mayumi
Mun, a girlKonoe Anzu Yuka Miyuki
Koheita, a retainerMiyoshino Kazuya Hayabusa Amiri
QueenMutsumi Chiga Morikage Katsura
KameSuzuka Teruko

Senka: (Pop News only) Maho Shibuki

Other Cast: Miyama Etsu, Utagawa Narumi, Misono Aya, Shirogane Akemi, Asazuki Mario, Mizu Hayami, Sazanami Rika, Konoe Anzu, Kei Hanayo, Kino Kazuyo, Take Mihara, Yashio Michiru, Setouchi Miya, Muromachi Akane, Ai Erina, Asuka Miyako, Mitsui Mako, Hananose Kasumi, Satsuki Jun, Ritsu Tomomi, Tsukibue Mayumi, Uehara Mari, Hoshi Rimiko, Kazami Kei, Mai Koyuki, Miya Kaoru, Oka Sayuri, Hoshi Subaru, Shima Yuri, Komakusa Ayumi, Izumi Mari, Sai Gyokuren, Satomi Akira, Takara Junko, Uryuu Minako, Miki Hiromi, Shino Uyuki, Yuuki Kanae, Kijou Tomoka, Natsuki Masa, Nanaumi Mihoko, Yoshino Mana, Mishi Eru, Kitakoji Miho, Kurenai Hitomi, Kyou Misako, Takashou Megumi, Mana Hiroka, Naka Iori, Mitama Chiyo, Ashi Saori, Nishikino Hanayo, Chisato Hiromi, Sono Miyumi, Magiri Aya, Yuu Shirabe



English summary verbatim from official program.


Tarou, a young man of Okinoerabu-jima Island in the Ryukyus, was in service of the Royal Court at Shuri.

It so happened that one day, Tarou saw a poor plover being assaulted by an eagle on the beach of the sea. He saved the helpless little bird out of the imminent risk and set it free toward the sky.

Soon, Tarou grew anxious about his aged father left alone in his native Island. He begged the Queen of the Ryukyus for leave so that he may return to his home island to meet his lone father. For him, it was quite a long time since he left Okinoerabu-jima Island where he had been born.

When he came back to the island, he found his father being taken care of by a pretty young girl called Chiju. He did not know who she was and where she had come from.

No sooner had Tarou set his eyes on the girl, he felt that he took fancy of the pretty girl. Taro asked her about the whereabouts of her family and other matters but she was reluctant to reveal anything about herself and her family.

In the meantime, on the villagers' holiday picnic, Tarou saw Chiju all unexpectedly who was struck by a thunderbolt and was unconscious. Seeing her in this condition, Tarou could know that Chiju nothing but a plover in disguise. This knowledge, however, did not bring about any change in his affection towards Chiju, the pretty girl.

Then, came along the day of fete for villagers, when they should send in their annual tribute to the officials sent from the Shimazu Clan which ruled the islands.

Now an evil local governor was also in love with Chiju and he threatened her and Tarou by saying that he would take away with him for the reason that Tarou's household was too poor to pay the land tax allotted to it, thereby presenting a good excuse for the malicious magistrate to take hold of her by way of a ransom.

When the official threatened to take the poor girl forcibly away unless he paid the tax, Tarou could not obey him but he resisted.

His disobedience drove the official to an uncontrollable rage. The local magistrate drew his sword ready to kill Tarou.

At the very last moment when Tarou was about to be killed, Chiju threw herself under the drawn sword.

This was not enough to assuage the official, who was now mad with anger. He insisted that Tarou be killed then and there.

Then lo! there appeared in the sky a huge crowd of plovers literally blackening the moonlit sky, flying with a terrifying sound of the birds' fluttering wings, to assault the magistrate and his followers.

The officials had to meet with their swords drawn. But the attack of the plovers was so ferocious; soon many of the officials were seen shedding blood from their eyes pecked by the sharp bills of the birds.

Soon, it was seen that one official after another, thus rendered helpless, fell into the waves of the sea beyond the precipitous cliff.

Tarou was left alone on the beach.

He picked up the dead plovers, one, which he embraced gently and tenderly. It was calm again on the beach, --as if nothing had happened. The sea expanded silently under the moonlight.

Pop News

Scene 1 - Prologue A (Love)

With the whole stage studded with the letters composing NEWS, a newspaper man sings "What Is Love?"

Singer: Maho Shibuki

Scene 2 - Prologue B (News News)

Another newspaper man appears on the stage and dances while singing "News, News."

Singer A: Kou Nishiki
Singers B: Kaoru Kuniko, Asazuki Mario, Mizu Hayami, Setouchi Miya

Scene 3 - Prologue C (Line Dance)

Sixty rocket girls dance a line dance while singing "News, News."

Scene 4 - Prologue D (Strike)

How train running while its company employees are on a go-slow strike appears is shown in a musical style.

Press Man: Maho Shibuki

Scene 5 - Prologue E (Faces in insane)

Two groups of mafia rival each other for spheres of influence. They exchange shots and at last they ruin themselves. No one interest in this affair and only sneer at it.

Mafia (white): Maho Shibuki
Mafia (black): Kou Nishiki

Scene 6 - Prologue F (Glory Hallelujah)

People can hear a chorus, ghost sing and they are terror-stricken by it. They clap their hands in veneration.

Men: Maho Shibuki, Kou Nishiki, Mizu Hayami
Women: Shirogane Akemi, Konoe Anzu

Scene 7 - Pop News

With the weeklies as a theme, an exchange of witty words on love between three old ladies and a young man.

Ladies: Awaji Michiko, Mizuho Youko, Miyoshino Kazuya

Young Man: Kaoru Kuniko

Scene 8 - Terrible Children

Children sing a bitter satire on society.

Boy: Mizu Hayami
Girl: Yashio Michiru

Scenes 9~10 - Alcohol

A dance of three drunkards, using revolving doors. They are so excited that a brawl develops between the Whites and Blacks. Soon, one of the colored men sings "What Is Love?", then it develops into a grand chorus of the song "All are in One Color."

Gentleman: Maho Shibuki
Ladies: Kou Nishiki, Kaoru Kuniko

Scenes 11~14 - Sport News (Olympic)

Olympic games are shown dynamically in dancing.

Men: Maho Shibuki, Kou Nishiki, Kaoru Kuniko, Setouchi Miya

Scenes 15~17 - A Stolen Picture On Display

An exhibition. Men and women discuss about the pictures. When night falls, people and stills painted in the pictures on display are given life. They meet at a banquet when amorous couples are formed.

Boy: Kou Nishiki
Girl: Yuka Miyuki

Scene 18 - Love

As day breaks out, they are seen to step back respectively into their frames.

But a boy fall in love with a girl from out of the picture and they vanish over the distant horizon.

Singer: Maho Shibuki

Scenes 19~20 - Escape from Civilization

Lamenting over their life which failed to be fruitful under the control of the Whites, sing the colored people. Soon, they despair of the contemporary civilization which is getting wilder, and forsake it, they sail up the river in a small boat.

Boat Men: Maho Shibuki, Kaoru Kuniko, Asazuki Mario, Setouchi Miya, Muromachi Akane

Scenes 21~22 - In Praise of Africa

Sailing up the river they reach Africa, where they find a paradise of their own.

Singer: Maho Shibuki

Scenes 23~24 - Finale

Beating time with their hands, all join in the song "Soul to Soul."

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